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Passport type, validity and visa requirements are different and subject to every country’s current policy. You may wish to check these information with our sales advisors or with local embassy for the country you are travelling to. Different countries have different health and safety measurements so health restrictions, vaccinations may vary country to country.

Passengers who are travelling to Europe or within the Europe must check their visa requirements as some countries do not accept single entry Schengen visa or a return ticket and possession of sufficient funds could be a concern to entry officer.


Passengers must be carrying their passports with them all the time. This is a government issued legal document which must be presented as a proof of ID and stamps a valid visa for your destination if required. Any passport which is valid less than 6 months from your return date will not be accepted and could result in denied boarding unless you are travelling to your own country and will renew your passport on arrival and show an updated passport on your way back. You may also want to check the custom regulations and restriction of carrying certain fresh, frozen, poultry and agricultural items into a country.

Travel Tips:

  • For your own comfort try and travel light.

  • Wear loose clothing and elasticated stockings made of natural fibre.

  • Increase your normal intake of water and only if need be drink alcohol but in moderation.

  • Use moisturizing cream to keep your skin from drying out.

  • Take off shoes in the plane to prevent your feet from swelling up or wear shoes that will cope with expanding ankles.

  • Avoid heavy meals during the flight.

  • Short walks once every two hours are excellent for circulation.

  • Try to touch your toes when waiting in the aisle to stretch your hamstrings.

  • On arrival at your destination, have a hot shower or a relaxing bath.

  • On arrival a quick jog, brisk walk, or a vigorous scrub will help stimulate your circulation.